Why to use it?

CharacterLab is based on archetype theory.

Archetype theory says that all characters can be understood relative to a universally intelligible system of personality classification. For centuries archetypes have been used by writers as a means of making sense of the variations in human personality traits.

Carl Jung was among the first modern psychologists to develop a simple, culturally consistent schema for classifying the 12 discrete personality types he uncovered:

Our belief is that the first step in understanding and shaping better brand character is to identify the Archetypal start-point for your brand:

Am I a Hero or a Ruler? a Nurturer or an Innocent?

All human beings, indeed all brands, will have each archetype vibrating within them, but at different levels of intensity.

The challenge for brand managers is to identify which of the archetypes takes precedence in shaping the defining character traits of the brand.

To develop a character’s distinction, we have found that you usually need to understand its primary and secondary archetype. Once we have this, we can help to craft a brand character that is unique in its category.