What is CharacterLab?

While it may not have been popular marketing theory at the time, the most successful brands figured out decades ago that it takes character to turn a product into a brand. When a brand has character, it takes on an identity of its own. Its every word, gesture, action, became natural expressions which make the brand instantly recognizable.

The flip-side, of course, is that when the character is not well understood by an organization, not crafted such that its every action and appearance are consistent, understanding who the brand is gets really tough.

You may know WHAT your benefit is, but if you don’t know WHO your character is, then every decision regarding HOW to do things becomes difficult. Inconsistent words, gestures, actions have the potential to dilute, divert and confuse your brand’s identity.

Bottom line: if you are not managing your brand’s character, you are not managing your brand.

Building a truly authentic brand character that’s culturally relevant and true to your brand is difficult. That’s why we developed CharacterLab. To enable marketing professionals to test the strength of their brand’s character and guide its development.

CharacterLab. A True Test of Character.